The company:

Güldenring Maschinenbau GmbH

Güldenring Maschinenbau GmbH (Güldenring Engineering Ltd) is a modern SME company with over 30 employees. The company was founded in 1972 by Alfons Güldenring, a qualified engineer. Initially the company focussed on manufacturing guiding rollers for the plastics processing industry. The range of products was later extended to roller-linked assemblies and complete, special machines.

Our company philosophy's main concern is the satisfaction of our customers. For it is only satisfied customers who remain loyal over the long term. We place great value on producing goods of the highest possible quality, on-time delivery and in-depth dialogue with our customers and suppliers. In this way, we hope to achieve a working relationship based on true partnership.

Our company's success is down to our people

To be successful requires from every member of staff above-average commitment, a willingness to work, team spirit and product knowledge. Our success was and is only possible because every single employee plays a part in achieving it.