Precision in every size:

Cooling and heating rollers

Cooling and heating rollers with varying systems for almost every possible application. These rollers can be supplied as single or double shell versions in a variety of materials.

By using a precisely calculated conductive coil the exact temperature can be guaranteed across the full width of the roller, while the surfaces can be adapted to specific application requirements with a variety of different coatings.

Optionally, the outer shell can also be produced as a removable version.

Benefits of our cooling and heating rollers:

  • Narrow form tolerances
  • Great temperature accuracy
  • Application-specific surfaces
  • Suitable for very heavy workloads
  • Available in a variety of materials



  1. Single shell version with feeder heads on both sides
  2. Double shell version with feeder heads on both sides
  3. Double shell version with feeder heads on one sides

Technical properties


Roller typeCooling or heating roller for use with liquid media

Single shell version without inner body

Double shell version with inner body (displacement body)

Outer shell in fixed or transferable design

FeedingOn both sides (on-way flow) or on one side (two-way-flow) with standard feeder heads
MaterialsSeamless steel tubing, heat-treated steel, stainless steel, aluminium
SurfacesSpecial coatings can applied to adapt the rollers to specific conditions in which they are to be used
Form tolerances

max. 0.005 mm (upper roller width < 1000 mm)

max. 0.005 mm/m (upper roller width > 1000 mm)

Balancing qualityDynamic on 3 levels

Outer diameter max. 800 mm

Bolt length max. 6000 mm

Unit weight max. 4000 kg

You may, of course, also choose dimensions that differ from our standard sizes.