The rollers with the light touch:

Web guiding rollers

As the requirements of their usage demand, our rollers are designed to be as light as possible. Combining high quality, select anti-friction bearings and special synthetic greases they achieve extremely low starting torques and generate minimal running noise.

Benefits of our web guiding rollers:

  • Maintenance-free bearings
  • Maintenance-free bearings
  • Very low starting torques
  • Narrow form tolerances
  • Low running noise
  • Specific surface qualities
  • Suitable for use in high temperatures
  • Variety of materials

Our standard range of rollers is constructed on a modular basis. You are able to choose between different kinds of bearings and a variety of diameters. All lengths are produced to order and can be specified by you. Combined with our coatings, this makes our rollers suitable for a very wide spectrum of potential applications.

  1. Integrated bearing with axle
  2. Integrates bearing with thrust journal
  3. Fixed shaft journal with external bearing
  4. Fixed shaft journal for external bearing

Technical properties



Integrated bearing for axle or thrust journal

Fiex shaft journal for external bearing

MaterialsAluminium, steel, CFRP and other technical plastics
SurfacesSpecial coatings can be applied to adapt the rollers to specific conditions in which they are to be used
Form tolerances

max. 0.01 mm (upper roller width < 1000 mm)

max. 0.01 mm/m (Upper roller width > 1000 mm)

Balacing qualityStatic or dynamic on multiple levels

Outer diameter max. 600 mm

Bolt length max. 8000 mm

Unit weight max. 2500 kg

You may, of course, also choose dimensions that differ from our standard sizes